Hi, I'm Kazu! Your Bilingual Semantic SEO Consultant in Japan 👋🏻

Your trusted advisor for small and medium-sized businesses seeking to harness the power of organic search. Based in Tokyo, I bring a unique, science-based, data-driven approach to SEO, with a specialization in Semantic SEO and Topical Authority.

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Transform Your Business: Embrace the Power of Semantic SEO

Many agencies and consultants nowadays rely solely on what they hear, read, and watch online about SEO, but they don’t conduct real SEO tests. This approach can leave your website underperforming and vulnerable.

Persisting with these untested strategies can make your website vulnerable to upcoming Google updates. This can result in lost traffic, leads, and diminished business growth.

As your Bilingual SEO Consultant in Japan, I take a different approach. I focus on Semantic SEO and ensure that all my strategies are thoroughly tested prior to implementation. This meticulous approach aligns with Google’s standards, ensuring your website effectively reaches its targeted audience.

Let’s collaborate to enhance your digital presence and drive your business growth.