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I’ve been working in the search engine optimization industry for a long time. I’ve seen that the most common reason people hire an SEO consultant is that they want to increase their organic web traffic and get qualified leads.

Most entrepreneurs that I meet believe that they can do everything themselves, including SEO. Still, they soon realize that this is a challenging task. At that point, they know that the best way to get their site ranked on the first page of Google is to hire an SEO consultant.

As an SEO Consultant, one of my main jobs is to help you reach your potential customers through organic ranking on search engines. By optimizing a search engine-friendly website, creating high-quality content, and building links, you will be able to provide the best information for your target audience.

 I have years of experience optimizing websites. I can do a free SEO audit and provide you with a diagnosis of what needs to be done to improve your website’s search engine ranking. Suppose you are looking to make a long term, sustainable change to your website. In that case, I can provide you with a step by step SEO strategy that will help you increase your website traffic and maximize your revenue.

SEO consultant Tokyo

Why use me as your SEO consultant

All of my SEO methods have actually been tried and tested, implying that I will not suggest a technique that I’m unsure will work. This is the significant distinction between myself and other SEO consultants in Tokyo, much of which take your cash and provide the work to juniors with little experience. If you want SEO Tokyo services for your business that is carried out 100% by a senior SEO specialist, then you’ve reached the right website.

We should collaborate since I appreciate my clients and their startup business. In regards to SEO, I understand what works and what does not. Since you’ve discovered the needle in a haystack, the days of spending many hours and cash attempting to find the ideal SEO expert is over.

Depending on your budget plan, I will determine the very best method for your SEO strategy, keeping you notified of the whole process. I’m everything about offering value to clients, so each element of the method will be discussed with you thoroughly, so you can have a clearer understanding of the instructions being taken.

SEO consultants are essential to have, especially when you’re a small business in the heart of Tokyo. Not only will you need to know how to properly optimize your website, but you also need to understand how to promote your website so that people will notice and visit your site. Search engine optimization has become a thriving business as of late. There are many SEO consultants out there, but you should be looking for a good one that will take the time to learn your business and really know what it will take to help you grow.


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Invite Japan

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My expertise has over 5 years of experience working as SEO consultants for Tokyo based startups. I’ve put together a framework that will help your company get higher rankings in search engines.

  • Thematic Keyword Research Consulting
  • Website Quality Audits
  • Technical SEO

Thematic Keyword Research Consulting

So you've done your keyword research, and you've found some terms that you think your business could rank for, but how do you know if they're worth pursuing?  SEO is a complex process that can take a lot of time and money to do right, and you need to be sure you're using your resources in a way that will deliver optimal results. Currently, I am offering a free SEO audit to prioritize the terms your business should be targeting and give you a little background on what goes into a successful SEO campaign.

Choosing the right keywords can be the difference between a highly-successful campaign and wasting months pursuing rankings that don't deliver tangible results. I offer a range of keyword research services, everything from individual keyword analysis to complete keyword research strategy consulting. Whether you're looking for particular keyword consulting or a more thorough SEO approach, I can help.

Not all keywords have the same potential to deliver results. Choosing a keyword with a lot of competition but no potential to attract a lot of traffic is a big waste of your time and energy. Choosing a keyword that has a lot of traffic but little search volume is just as bad. Keyword research is an essential part of any SEO campaign, but you need to make sure you have a reliable source to do it for you.

Keyword research is a complicated process. Let us make it easier for you to achieve your goals—let us save you time and money. I can use my years of keyword research experience to point you in the right direction for your SEO campaign.

Website Quality Audit

Website quality audit is a comprehensive analysis of your website's content and the factors that impact its visibility in search engines.  Content is the foundation of your SEO campaign, and a website quality audit is your chance to analyze your content and take necessary measures to improve it.

SEO audit is a term used to describe the process of examining your website for technical aspects that may be blocking it from getting a higher search engine ranking. This process can help us to identify issues with your sites, such as duplicate content, poor design, broken links, 404 errors, and more.

When someone starts a search query into a search engine, the search engine is responsible for giving relevant results to the query. That's what SEO audit is all about. For better results, you need to know what your competitors are doing and how you can improve your campaign to get a better position in search engine results pages (or SERPs).

You need to know if your site is an authority in your field and trustworthy enough to be granted a place in the SERPs. You also need to know if your site is indexed in the search engines. And lastly, you need to know if your site is compliant with the search engine's guidelines. This is why you need an SEO audit.

Technical SEO

Search engine algorithms have evolved to reward sites that deserve to rank higher in their respective search results, based on the content and relevance to the user's query.  This has made it more critical than ever for marketers and business owners to embrace the concept of technical SEO.  After all, the only way to control your online reputation is to ensure that your website is created to the most up-to-date.  This means that technical SEO is now a necessity, not an option.

Google has confirmed that technical SEO is one factor that affects your site's search engine rankings. This means that you must take the time to ensure that your site is technically reliable.

There's a reason why technical SEO is a must for modern websites. That's because Google is getting better and better at detecting and punishing sites that don't follow their guidelines. You don't have to look any further than last month's infamous Penguin and Panda updates to know that. While many people think of technical SEO as just an afterthought, you'll be left in the dust if you don't pay attention to the little details.

Technical SEO is necessary for all websites, especially those that rely heavily on search engine traffic for sales. But with so many technical SEO options, how do you know which to choose? Google recommends implementing as many as possible, but a common beginner's mistake is focusing too much on Google's recommendations without considering the site owner's personal needs.

Freelance SEO consultant Tokyo

 I’m a freelance SEO Consultant who assists businesses with their internet marketing. I’ve worked for plenty of businesses in the past and seen the kind of results that I can bring in. The key to my success is being able to work with my clients to build long-term relationships. I’ll show you what you need to do to get your website to the top of the search engines and work with you to make sure that you get the most out of your SEO.

As an entrepreneur, you definitely have a lot on your plate, so I won’t lie: hiring a freelance SEO consultant in Tokyo is not an easy task. You’re basically putting your business in the hands of a stranger, trusting that they will do what’s best for your audience.

Every day, SEO consultants are hired to help improve a company’s organic search presence. They do this by following search engine optimization best practices and creating or updating websites to meet search engines’ technical requirements. However, the real value of SEO goes far beyond improving search engine rankings.

An SEO Expert in Tokyo can help you grow your business. With SEO, you will discover more opportunities to grow your company, even if you are starting from scratch. Suppose you are looking to establish your brand online or improve your current SEO practices. In that case, hiring a freelance SEO consultant is a wise move.

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